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What is IT as a service (ITaaS) and how can it benefit your business?

What is IT as a service (ITaaS) and how can it benefit your business?

June 1, 2021

Cloud-based applications and software as a service (SaaS) transformed the way companies do business. As more businesses rely on information technology but lack the staff to provide those services, ITaaS is an attractive option. The meaning of ITaaS is Information Technology as a Service, and it is poised to change the way business works.

Read on to learn more about IT as a service and the benefits of ITaaS.

What is ITaaS?

If you’re not familiar with the wealth of cloud-based computing and service solutions, you may wonder, “what is IT as a Service?”  Think of ITaaS as an outsourced IT department that provides services you need when you need them. Instead of staffing a full complement of IT professionals, you can augment your existing team with additional services while lowering costs.

ITaaS helps companies upgrade their technology stack, upgrade security measures, and provide better service to everyone in the company.

Services Provided by ITaaS Providers

Next Level Tech is a full-service managed IT solutions provider. Whatever level of service you need, we can provide high-quality, on-demand IT assistance, including:

  • Data backup and recovery
  • Security patches and cybersecurity audits
  • Email administration
  • Conversion of software to cloud-based applications
  • Business-grade hardware configurations
  • VoIP communication systems
  • Technologies to support SOC 2, PCI, and HIPAA certification

Who Uses ITaaS?

All companies benefit from using an ITaaS provider. Whether you are a small business without IT staff or a growing corporation that needs additional resources, ITaaS is a great fit. Scalability and cost savings are the hallmarks of ITaaS as you only pay for what you need when you need it.

What Are the Benefits?

There is a wide range of benefits associated with using a service-based approach to information technology. Here are some of the many reasons people choose ITaaS:

  • Help desk services 24 hours a day
  • Standardized processes that streamline operations
  • Flexible options that fit your specific needs and scale as your needs change
  • Cybersecurity to protect all aspects of your technology systems

With ITaaS, your organization receives best-of-breed tech services without the need for full-time staff. Your operations can be more secure, more efficient, and generate better topline and bottom-line performance.

How to Choose an ITaaS Provider

An information technology partner is just that - a partner. It’s essential to choose a partner that aligns with your goals and objectives and sees themselves as an extension of your company. Here are some things to consider when selecting your IT service provider.

Look for a company that leverages cloud-based security measures. On-premise backups and data storage are no longer adequate to protect your critical data. The right IT partner will monitor emerging threats and keep your data secure on cloud-based servers.

Find a company that understands what customer service means. Technological prowess and skill are essential, but your ITaaS provider should have a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations.

Finally, work with a provider with the skills and specialties that align best with your company. Look for someone with experience with your size and type of business. And always ask for certifications and credentials to ensure they have the industry knowledge necessary to support your operations.

Your Information Technology, Managed

A managed IT arrangement, or ITaaS can help your business in many ways. You’ll have access to services and areas of expertise you need without having to staff an entire team of IT professionals in-house. ITaaS providers offer best-of-breed service and comprehensive solutions, and you’ll only pay for what you need.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation for IT services, contact us today. We’ll prepare a plan that fits your objectives and work as an extension of your company to help you achieve your goals.

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