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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an IT Support Company

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an IT Support Company

July 19, 2021

There are now 882,000 computer support specialists available throughout the US. The job outlook could grow by 8% before 2029; much faster than other industries. If you need an IT support company to help your business, you need to narrow down your options.

Otherwise, you'll struggle to find someone with the experience and expertise you need.

Here are seven factors to consider before hiring an IT services company. Using these tips, you can narrow down your options with ease.

Finding a trusted IT company can improve your productivity and protect your customers. Without one, however, you could leave your business vulnerable.

Keep reading to find the managed IT support you need with these seven easy tips today.

1. Experience

First, it's important to find an IT support company with the specific experience and expertise you need.

Take a moment to consider why you're hiring an IT services company. For example, maybe you want to improve your infrastructure. Perhaps you're concerned about security.

Make sure the company you choose has specialized experience and expertise in that area.

Once you narrow down your options based on the specific help you need, look for an established business. Find a company that's run and operated for at least a few years. These companies won't disappear overnight.

It's likely they've won the trust and respect of their clients over the years, too.

You can learn more about each business on your list by visiting their Better Business Bureau listing. Look for a company that has additional certifications, too. Their credentials can help you learn more about their area of expertise.

Make sure the company you choose is licensed and qualified to handle your business, too.

Has the IT support company worked with a business like yours in the past? Find a company with experience in your industry. They'll understand your specific needs and requirements.

These companies might have an easier time helping your business.

You can rely on a trusted IT company that has years of experience and expertise you can count on.

2. A Proactive Approach

Many companies are still using a break-fix model when it comes to their IT needs. They wait until something breaks before pausing everything to fix the issue. This model can cause unnecessary downtime and stress.

Instead, look for a managed IT support company that will use a proactive approach when assessing your IT needs.

They can review your current infrastructure and make suggestions based on your specific goals. Their approach can help you avoid potential issues down the road.

The solutions they suggest can help you avoid future IT issues and unnecessary downtime. Your team can remain productive and efficient with the right IT services.

3. The Right Tools

Make sure the IT support company utilizes tools that can benefit your business. For example, you might want to find a company that uses remote monitoring and management tools. These tools will ensure your IT infrastructure receives attention 24/7.

If there's ever an issue, the managed IT support company will catch it right away. Their immediate response can minimize downtime.

Reducing unnecessary downtime can maximize your input and improve your bottom line.

Meanwhile, you can reduce customer frustrations. Consumers might take notice of your immediate response to their problems. They could learn to trust your business more as a result.

Otherwise, leaving these problems unattended could hurt your brand's reputation. Consumers might struggle to trust your business if you're prone to getting hacked.

Instead, look for a trusted IT company that offers 24/7 support.

4. Availability

It's not enough to find an experienced IT services company. Make sure the company is capable of meeting your needs, too. Ask each company how big their team is.

Ask how many clients they're currently helping, too.

If they only have a few technicians, they might struggle to help multiple clients. It could take them hours or even days to respond to a support ticket.

Instead, choose a company that has high availability. They'll respond right away if you ever have an issue. Remember, their fast response times can benefit your business and reputation.

5. A Strong Reputation

Before choosing an IT services company, head online. Visit each company's Better Business Bureau and Google My Business listings. There, you can find reviews from each company's clients.

Read multiple reviews for each business. Do their clients complain about slow response times? What other issues have their clients experienced?

You can also ask each IT support team for references. Try to speak with a client that falls within your industry. Then, ask the client about their experience with the IT firm.

Would they suggest you hire someone else?

Find a company with a strong professional reputation. They'll strive to maintain that reputation by offering the best possible services.

6. The Right Services

Remember to consider your company's unique needs before choosing a managed IT support team. Then, find a company that offers the services you need.

For example, you might want to switch to cloud computing this year. Maybe you want to improve your communications tools for team collaboration.

Make a list of your distinct goals. Then, ask each managed IT support company how they'll help you accomplish those goals.

The company should create a unique plan with your business in mind. If they use a cookie-cutter approach, however, they're not the right fit.

7. Pricing

About 60% of businesses outsource to save money. While 57% use outsourcing to focus on their core business, 47% use outsourcing to solve capacity problems.

About 87% of businesses say cost-cutting is the top reason to outsource to IT professionals.

Ask at least three IT services companies on your list for a quote. Gathering multiple quotes will help you better gauge the price. Make sure you understand what's included in the quote, too.

Don't make your choice based on price alone. Instead, review the rest of your notes to find the best IT support team for your business.

IT Experts: 7 Factors to Consider Before Hiring an IT Support Company

You don't have to hire the first IT support company you find online. Instead, keep these seven factors in mind. Reviewing these tips will help you find a trusted IT company capable of accomplishing your goals.

Eager to start updating your IT infrastructure? We're here to help.

Get in touch with our team today for the support you need!

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