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Is Your Communication Putting Your Firm at Risk? Unveil the Astonishing Solution with Microsoft Teams Voice by Next Level Technologies!

Is Your Communication Putting Your Firm at Risk? Unveil the Astonishing Solution with Microsoft Teams Voice by Next Level Technologies!

August 24, 2023

In the competitive realm of financial services, effective communication plays a pivotal role in driving success. Next Level Technologies, a renowned IT Support and Managed IT service provider, recently collaborated with a long-time client facing challenges with their outdated premise-based phone system. With three decades of loyal service, it was time for a transformative change. The impact of Covid-19 and evolving business needs prompted the client to seek a more flexible communication solution, without compromising on simplicity. By harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams Voice, Next Level Technologies revolutionized their client's communication capabilities, setting a new standard for IT support in the financial services industry.

Driving Impactful Change: A Seamless Communication Shift

Understanding the client's need for a modern and user-friendly system, Next Level Technologies introduced Microsoft Teams Voice as the ultimate communication tool. Building upon their prior successful implementation of Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration, transitioning to Teams Voice was a natural progression. Integrated desk phones and conference phones became a seamless extension of the Teams ecosystem, complemented by call functionalities on mobile devices through the Teams app.

The Impact of the Transition: Unleashing the Full Potential

Next Level Technologies' transformational switch to Microsoft Teams Voice delivered an array of impactful benefits for our client, such as…

Unifying Communication Channels

Gone were the days of disjointed communication. With Teams Voice, staff members could effortlessly handle calls directly through the platform, eliminating the need to dial into the office system from personal cell phones. This unified approach streamlined communication channels, boosting productivity and collaboration.

Elevating Mobility and Flexibility

As an IT Support and Managed IT service provider, Next Level Technologies recognized the significance of keeping staff mobile. By enabling call functionalities on mobile devices through the Teams app, the client's team gained the freedom to connect with clients and colleagues from any location, unhindered by office boundaries.

Simplifying Client Interactions

Consider a financial advisor attending a conference or meeting clients off-site. With the new Microsoft Teams Voice solution, they can now handle important calls seamlessly through their mobile device. This newfound flexibility not only enhances productivity but also strengthens client interactions, exemplifying modern and reliable financial services.

Next Level Technologies: Embracing Industry Leadership

The success of Next Level Technologies' partnership with our esteemed financial services client serves as a testament to our position as a leading IT Support and Managed IT service provider. By undertaking a groundbreaking shift from an outdated premise-based phone system to the dynamic Microsoft Teams Voice, the client's communication landscape underwent a remarkable transformation. Seamlessly integrating desk phones, conference phones, and mobile capabilities elevated their communication game to unparalleled heights, propelling them to the forefront of the financial services industry.

With Next Level Technologies as your strategic ally, you too can embrace the future of communication. Unlock the immense potential of Microsoft Teams Voice for your business, knowing that you are backed by our industry-leading IT support and managed services. Join the ranks of industry leaders who have witnessed the revolutionary impact of embracing modern technology and elevating their communication capabilities. Take your business to new heights with Next Level Technologies, where excellence in IT support meets cutting-edge communication solutions. Contact us now and embark on a transformative journey towards seamless communication excellence! The future awaits your decision to embrace industry leadership with Next Level Technologies.

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